Concert for Life Bios

Hiccup Hellen, featuring the Nace brothers Justin and Jesse, formed from students in Quakertown High School. After just going through a lineup change, they plan to show that they are stronger than ever but just as fun. Influenced by all types of rock music, the band has recorded two demos, an EP, and a full-length album in their short career.

The Danger Os are essentially the project of singer and bassist Justin, who wanted to create his own music without any genre specifications. Although from West Chester, the band has played Quakertown before (at Relay for Life), yet this is their first Concert for Life. Above all, the Danger Os want to convey their fun-loving attitude towards music. Fans will be able to buy their brand new album Nineteen Ninety-Four (out February 29th, the day before the concert).

This Fever Called Living are a fairly new band, formed in the summer of 2007 as the meshing together of two separate projects. The band is making their first appearance as This Fever Called Living this year and will be promoting their new 4-song EP The Symptom. Their music and influences lie in post-hardcore and metalcore with bands like Thrice, Norma Jean, and As I Lay Dying, but they hope that their music is interpreted differently by all of their fans. Everyone has different emotions, they say, and they try to evoke those feelings out of their listeners.

Hey Hey have existed for about two years, but they underwent a few member changes and added a keyboardist to become the band they are today. An amalgamation of genres including rock, jazz, and dance music, Hey Hey are all about a good live show and benefit concerts. Concert for Life is just one on their list of benefits, and hopefully they will continue to perform in the area.

Many of the members of Joey Got His Groove Back have been playing together since their preteen days, but this is essentially the longest standing project of the childhood friends. After many names (The Girls You Don’t Date, Smaller Angles at Sea), they now stand together as Joey Got His Groove Back and hope to have a good time while making great music. Despite lineup and name changes, the members are true veterans of Concert for Life, performing for the third time.

Also performing will be Charade (including yours truly), Amarachi, Zero Society, Red Letter Day, and others!